Women's Suffrage



          Women’s struggle for representation started decades before the 1920s with the first documented suffrage activist group appearing around the American Revolution.

·       Prior World War One
   o     Activists groups gaining support and sending out their messages
    §       Met by opposition
   o     Women's Trade Union League of New York
    §       an organization of middle- and working-class women dedicated to unionization for working women and to woman suffrage
   o     1848
    §       First major women’s rights convention held in Seneca Falls, New York
   o     The National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage

·       During WWI activity of Suffragettes slowed
   o     Helping with the war effort
   o     Women getting active in companies and organizing support for troops
   o     Gaining experience

·       Result:
   o     Women know they can hold the same positions as men in the workplace
   o     Men return from war pushing women out of jobs
   o     Boom of new suffragettes demanding Women’s right to vote

·        August 26, 1920 women gain the right to vote

·       Fight for equality still not over