The Roaring Twenties: Backbone of Change


 ·       Time of immense change
        °        Films and newspapers = used to promote carefree living and comfortable city life
        °    Marked by jazz, dancing, great development and many social changes

·      People began to pull away from religion

·       A New generation of Women: Flappers
     °        Demanded same rights as men
     °        Driving force behind behavioral changes
    §       Shorter hair and more modern clothing
    §       Showed changing views of women

·       Women pressure Congress for equal rights
     °        25% working women=sales clerks
     °       Have hard time entering specialized fields of work
     °        50-60% lower wages for same work and longer hours
     °        Pushed for an amendment to the constitution

·       Marched on Washington for equality
     °        Many women arrested

·       Great progress in women’s suffrage